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Along with Chemical Wholesale, WISRO Chemicals also offers consultation in the following areas.

Chemical Wholesale

There are more than 200 chemical intermediates and functional chemicals that WiSro Chemicals supplies today.


These include sulfopropylated speciality products. There are many challenging aqueous applications that these products can be applied to, including biotechnology, electroplating, emulsion polymerisation, and electrochemistry.

Additionally, WiSro Chemicals supplies a number of additives to the plastics and latex industries.


As intermediates in pharmaceuticals and chemicals, Pyridine, Piperidine, and Quinoline derivatives are widely used.

Our product range also includes a variety of epichlorohydrin derivatives.

An efficient distribution network allows WISRO Chemicals to reach customers worldwide.

Besides high-quality products, we also demand absolute reliability when it comes to delivery and customer service.

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Chemical Production Consultation

We offer production expertise in, among others, the following chemical groups: Pyridine Derivatives, Piperidine Derivatives, Sulfopropylated Compounds, Carbodiimide Stabilizers.

Management Consultation

Drive operational improvements, enhance business strategy, negotiate market challenges, and revitalize customer experience with our management consultation experts.

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Automotive Consultation

Get beyond the wheel! Through our services, OEMs and suppliers can enhance productivity, strengthen innovation, and compete globally in a variety of markets. We offer aid in all the steps of the value chain. From growth strategies and business plans to lean production and material cost optimization, as well as sales and aftermarket operations, we consult on a wide range of topics.

Environmental Consultation

Our certified Environmental Protection Engineers offer consulting within the following topics: environmental protection laws, air pollution control regulations, techniques to reduce various emissions, wastewater discharge and waste pollution control regulations etc. in accordance with e.g. ISO 14001, ISO 50001.

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