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WISRO Chemicals supplies more
than 200 different chemical intermediates and functional chemicals.

Pyridine Derivatives

We offer a wide variety of Pyridine Derivatives.

  • with aliphatic, aromatic or olefinic side chains

  • with aminic side chains

  • with alcoholic side chains

  • with carbonyl functions

  • with acid functions

Piperidine Derivatives

We offer a wide variety of Piperidine Derivatives.

  • with aliphatic and aromatic side chains

  • with alcoholic side chains

  • further Piperidine Derivatives

Sulfopropylated Compounds

We offer Sulfopropylated Compounds as follows:

  • Monomers

  • Biological Buffers

  • Surfactants

  • other Sulfopropylated Compounds

Other Compounds

We also offer a variety of Other Compounds.

  • Aliphatic & Aromatic Chemicals

  • Azol Compounds

  • Glycidyl Ethers

  • Carbodiimide Stabilizers

night view of yokkaichi industrial complex,  .jpg

Supplier Production Plants

Below you will find an overview of our suppliers production facilities.

Gas storage sphere tank in gas and oil refinery plant with night, Close up of petrochemica
Column tower in petrochemical plant at twilight.jpg
Storage of chemical products like oil, petrol, gas, Aerial view oil storage tank terminal
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