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Industrial Solutions

WISRO Chemicals provides Industrial Solutions within the areas listed below.


We provide a range of reactive organic
intermediates, which are used as building blocks in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Major customers include many of the international pharmaceutical
companies and their suppliers, who rely on our ability to provide high quality products necessary for their challenging applications.

We are most renowned
for Pyridine, Piperidine and Quinoline derivatives.

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Close-up view of a modern GPU card with circuit and colorful lights and details 3D renderi


We offer high performance chemicals
like sulfopropylation compounds and epichlorohydrin derivatives for the electroplating industry.
The main applications for our products are Nickel, Zinc, Tin, Copper, Silver, Gold and other Precious Metal plating baths. Electroplating chemicals made by
our suppliers are used to enhance brightness and corrosion resistance in electroplating bath formulations for both functional and decorative deposits.

The end-product is a very high gloss surface with excellent corrosion resistance
and ductility.

Polymer Additives

We supply a wide range of additives for the
polymer industry. Our hydrolytic stabilizers are highly sophisticated specialties which provide excellent stability to high-grade polymers containing ester and amide groups.
Our new sulfur donor caprolactamdisulfide is a modern and very safe product because it does not form dangerous nitrosamines like other rubber chemicals.
Functional monomers, cross-linkers, reactive diluents, and glycidyl ethers are further important specialties which show
our competence in the polymer industry.

Close-up of plastic polymer granules.Polymer pellets. polymer plastic. compound polymer. P
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Anionic ether sulfonate products offer stable, pure alternatives to conventional emulsifying agents. Thanks to their dual ion structure, sulfobetaine surfactants from our suppliers
can solve many dispersing problems in material and life sciences.


We offer buffer substances for physiologically
important pH ranges on the basis of sulfopropylation chemistry.

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